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Additional Pet Nominees
I Love My Pet
Kara Gwynn and her cat, Bunbun
Clint Tootle and his cat, Sheamus

We asked our readers to tell us about their pets and why they love them, and here's the rest of what we received. You can also read the featured pets in this issue.

Kara Gwynn and her cat, Bunbun

Bunbun helped me and my three children during this tough time. He is always up and ready every morning before my two children go to school, while my youngest daughter is at home with me. Bunbun lays down until she wakes up. Also he hides and pops out. Also Bunbun doesn’t stretch or bite when my youngest daughter is rough at times with him. He helps my daughter with her anxiety. Bunbun sleeps in the middle of my girls. He also does video with my two daughters and while they’re playing with LPS toys. My son plays Xbox and Bunbun will get my son’s attention by meowing wanting to go outside also meowing wanting back in the house.  During this tough time my children and I are non-stop loving him and thank God he was given to us.

Clint Tootle and his cat, Sheamus

I just celebrated five years of sobriety and my ginger cat has been with me every step of the way. He was a kitten at a local halfway house and he chose to live with me my first year in recovery. He’s helped me navigate some sticky situations these last five years. I used to joke about him being my emotional support cat, but it’s absolutely true! Now I’ve got a wife and daughter, and he’s got a new cat brother, Marshall. So now he’s gone from just me to having a whole family to love him!

Jeff Graham and his dog, Maddie

Mat is as smart as they come, with a personality to boot. When I am not seated I know she is right on my heels, wondering when I will sit down so she can assume her position in my lap. That dog I swear can speak with her eyes. There is never any doubt what she’s thinking. Often mischievous, it’s hard to stay angry because she’s just so dang funny. She is definitely a huge part of this family.

JonHolland Jones and his dog, Blue

Blue was found dumped at an apartment complex in Statesboro, and I took her in with no intention of keeping her. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the abandoned puppy I just picked up. From the first night at home with me, I knew she was special. She’s smart, sassy, and a bit of a brat at times; I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world! She’s become my constant companion, and she’s been my support through some of my darkest times. Her smile is enough to bring me back to life when I need it.

Len Fatica and  his dog, Murphy

Murphy is a rescue and has been with us for almost six years. He is the light of our lives and keeps us laughing at some of the stuff he does.  He has been our companion and our stress reliever as we move from Ohio to Kentucky and finally Statesboro. People say he is spoiled but we say he is over-loved. He even has his own Instagram page.  It is nice to know when I get home he will always meet me at the dog with his tag wagging happy to see daddy.