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We are exhausted
Always Write
always write

Whew! We’re all wiped out. This was a heckuva issue to pull together, but we’re so excited to present it to you, Statesboro!

Inside these pages, you’ll find the usual columns, and three feature stories. We have a story on a new business in town, Board & Brush, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about. We spent some time with some of our local residents who started out volunteering at the Averitt Center for the Arts as Willingway volunteers, and are now employed there. They have powerful stories you’ll enjoy reading.

And we spent some time with the magical whirlwind of energy and talent that is Chris Mitchell, the owner of Pladd Dot Music downtown. He’s released a new album, and has some great things up his sleeve that you’re going to love.

Then, there’s the Readers Choice Awards, which we’ve included in a special section in this issue. There are two stories on a couple of the winners, which we are sure you’ll love. And there’s the list…which you can peruse to see who got what. We appreciate your patience in getting this magazine to you — there were a lot of winners and we wanted to be sure that every single one had the opportunity to be represented in this magazine.

We know you’ll love this issue and we invite you to pick up as many copies as you like, particularly if you’re a Readers Choice winner. To all who won:  Congratulations! You’re clearly doing something right, and the community is all the better for it!