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A songwriter, a mentor, an entrepreneur and a trombone missionary
Always Write
Always Write Hayley Greene

There is always more than what lies on the surface. This is so true of the folks we’ve featured in this issue. We are so stoked to share their stories with you!

First off, we feature a face that is familiar to you if you have a child in or work with Bulloch County Schools. Hayley Greene is the Public Relations Director, but there is so much more to her story than just telling you what’s going on in the school system. Did you know she writes songs? Did you know she’s lived in the Middle East? Did you know that she loves what she does? Check out her story. You’ll enjoy reading about the treasure that she is.

Portal student James Saunders isn’t your average high schooler. He has established a mentoring program for middle school males in Portal, providing something for them that he didn’t have himself. He’s provided lessons in life skills, but he gives them so much more than that. You’ll want to read about this outstanding young man.

Southeast Bulloch’s Drew Herring is a force of nature. He’s worked hard and developed a website that is not only something he sees as his future, but it’s also a ministry — and a ministry that he takes very seriously. He’s an amazing young man who has reached out to so many, and you’ll love reading his story.

Last of all, we feature someone you’ve likely seen if you’ve been to “The Lord’s Chicken House” here in the Boro. Tom Kollars can often be found playing his trombone to hymns outside of Chick-fil-A. He’s a fascinating fellow. Check out his story. You might get dizzy just thinking about all he’s done.

So kick back, grab something refreshing, and check this issue out. You’re gonna love it. I just know it!