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How to keep your marriage surprising
Sarcastically Southern
marriage suprising

In 18 years together, my husband Jason has gotten quite used to my shenanigans. But I like to keep him on his toes. If you feel like you need something to give your marriage a little fun and excitement, then you should definitely read on!

Tip #1: Bring home random pets. 

The only animal that Jason and I agreed to in advance was Maggie, our first dog. Molly came to us by way of me finding her on the side of the road. Mabel came to us through Jason’s remark of “you do what you think you need to do.” Well, I thought I needed a new puppy so I brought Mabel home. We now have found a stray kitten under our house that it’s looking like may not be a stray much longer. Either way, Jason never knows what kind of things will come home with me next.

Tip #2: Randomly wake your husband with a surprise.

Like a temporary tattoo out of a cereal box on his forehead. Several years ago, when “Frozen” had just hit it big, we bought a box of cereal that boasted a prize of a temporary tattoo inside. When Jason decided to take a nap, I put an Olaf tattoo across his forehead. While he thought it was hilarious… the red spot that it left after we scrubbed to remove it wasn’t nearly as funny. 

Tip #3: Send him random Snapchats.

Of himself snoring in the middle of the night with random filters applied to his face. For example, one morning, I told Jason I had had a hard time sleeping because of his snoring and I was going to buy him some snore strips. He blamed the snoring on the dog! So, that next night when Maggie was WIDE awake and he was snoring away, I placed a Snapchat filter of dog ears on him and made sure to capture Maggie’s facial expression every time he snored in the video so he’d know she was wide awake as well. 

Tip #4: Randomly snap pictures of him in awkward situations and send them to him when he least expects it.

I won’t give details about what kinds of photos I’ve taken of Jason, or I might need Paige Navarro for a divorce (see my article).

Tip #5: Randomly steal your husband’s phone and change his background.

Don’t just change it to a random background on his phone…you may have to Google humiliating things like monkey butts, but seeing his face when he unlocks his phone to a big red baboon rear end is priceless. 

Tip # 6: Two words…Nerf guns.

Buy Nerf guns to keep randomly around the house and pull one out and shoot him when he least expects it. The small ones will fit perfectly under the door of the bathroom when he’s in there drying off after a shower! I speak from experience. 

Tip #7: Speaking of showers, help make sure he’s properly rinsed.

Grab a bowl from the kitchen while your husband is in the shower and fill it with water. Dump it over the shower curtain on top of him and run. Do it with cold water enough times, then you wont’ have to use cold water anymore to get him to react in a HILARIOUS way. 

Tip #8: Go back to middle school.

Wedgies, pantsing and even Wet Willies. Enough said.  

Tip #9: Leave hidden messages around the house for him.

For example, draw random anatomical parts on his foggy mirror or in the dust on his car. 

Tip #10: Be a good sport. 

I’m guilty of not liking it when he does these things to me, but for the most part, Jason and I have fun teasing each other and making our marriage not boring. 

And before anybody thinks that I’m being mean to him or that I’m not a good wife… you’re probably right. (LOL) But he knew what he was signing up for when he gave me that engagement ring!