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Coming alongside others — it’s what these ladies have in common
Always Write

Happy fall, y’all! At least, it’s supposed to be. We aren’t experiencing fall weather just yet, but after the hot summer weather we’ve had, I have to say, I can hardly wait.

This issue is a special one. We are featuring some fantastic women in our community, who are making a difference every day in their workplaces, their homes and in the community.

First up, our cover girl, Sydney Hardee. How awesome is she? She has overcome so much to become an awesome mother and advocate for those who need someone to stand alongside. She is such a great example of what it means to conquer and then to use that experience to help others. We love how she’s giving back!

Second of all, Vivian Summers, who together with her husband, runs a company that is kicking it big time, providing work for local folks. She’s also a big believer in giving back, and she’s such a talented lady to boot!

Dr. Sreevalli Dega is our third featured woman, who has worked hard throughout the pandemic to provide quality medical care for so many in the Boro. She serves in the community to benefit not only local residents, but also to serve as an example to her two daughters that anything is possible.

And last, we feature local attorney Paige Navarro, who credits her dad with the decision to change course and get into law. Now, she’s helping to change lives as she works in her office each day. She also gives back to the community by helping those most in need. 

We salute each of these amazing women, and we know you’ll enjoy reading their stories. The one thing they all have in common is that they know the benefit of coming alongside others and offering to help and support. What a great example each of them sets! Be sure to read this issue cover to cover then pass it on. Help everyone to Discover Bulloch!