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Three Wise Men: So many nominations!

Listed here are the other nominees for Three Wise Men. They’re all wise and wonderful in their own way,  and we thank our readers for the nominations!

Michael Classens, my brother!!  Why? Because no matter what issue I have I can always count on him to give me advice, help me, or buy something I can’t get due to an emergency! For example, my oven caught fire & it was the Christmas holidays last year & my brother bought me a brand new one so I could continue baking my cakes I sell during the holidays!! He’s a big brother & a big help to me!!

   -- Anne Horn

William Webb is my current broker at Weichert Realtors-Webb & Associates. I nominate him as a wise man because he looks at the picture from both angles. For example, I will ask him a question or for his advice on something and yes, he will give me a long answer, but he will give me the full understanding. He will explain what can happen in the best scenario and the worst, just so I get the full understanding of what is happening and can happen. He digs deep for a solution to a problem. His ability to understand and the value he has for a person’s opinion is what makes this guy a wise fella.

   --Ashley Best

Brandon Williams is very open and accepting.  As a pastor and a friend he is strong in his beliefs yet very understanding that not everyone else is at the same point on their life journey.  He takes this into consideration when listening and giving advice.  Very few people have earned the respect that I have for him.

   --Brandon Blair

I’d like to nominate Ronnie L. Washington. I’m a divorced mom. Even though their dad is not in their lives, they can always depend on him. He’s the greatest dad/uncle my kids have to depend on. I don’t know what I’d do if he hadn’t stepped in.

   --Sabrina Blount

Ronnie Washington: I’ve known this man for 20 years and he’s truly a man of wisdom. He believes in always doing what is right! I’ve always seen him carefully evaluate things before making a decision. A true man of God making a difference in our community. A man of great wisdom.

   --Ebony Williams

Bishop Ronnie Washington is a true man of God. He has taken me in to his family and given me guidance showed me another way of being a great husband, father ,leader and an all-around great mentor. I’m so grateful that God put him in my life for a reason because no telling where I could have been right now.

   --Brian Mitchell

Ronnie Washington is a man of much wisdom. The advice he gives you is for your best interest. He gives it with love from his heart because he doesn’t want anyone e to make the same mistake that he has learned from in his life.

   --Mechelle Sutton

I would like to nominate our bishop, Ronnie Washington. He is the bishop of Divine Deliverance Worship Center. He is a father, hardworking man, a teacher a prophet and many more. Ronnie Washington is a prime example of a great father and leader to many. A great example of wise man in Bulloch County.

   --Maria Fair

Ronnie Washington: Because he is my spiritual father he shows me good examples on how to live, how a husband should treat their wives, a good father and a great leader.

   --Shelia Holloway

Jason Dyches is an awesome son-in-law. He owns his own business. He’s very deviated to his family & his business. He’s just & fair, always willing to lend a helping hand to all. He seems to know what I need before I know. Jason is a very wise man beyond his years. Thanks so much, son.

   --Betty Boree

My dad, Charlie Cox, is my go-to for advice and problem solving. First and foremost, he is an excellent listener, which is rare these days thanks to our phones and other distractions. But when I go to him for advice, he creates the time to be still and listen fully before speaking at all. He also takes time to think through the problem before just offering an easy solution or a nugget of wisdom. I appreciate that he isn’t afraid of saying the hard truths, even if it’s something I don’t want to hear in the moment but later reflect on that he is right. Now that I am a parent of my own, I am grateful for his guidance and wisdom not just in parenting but also balancing my career and my marriage. I trust his opinion and seek his advice for the really important things in my life, but also love that he is there for the less important things. He is my biggest fan and cheerleader, and he has been the BEST Papa to my children. I know he has helped others in their own journeys, both in Statesboro and in Atlanta. I’d love for him to be publicly recognized for his quiet leadership and insightful wisdom.

   --Caroline Dotts

I would like to nominate John Waters as one of the “Three Wise Men,” because he is my husband and he is the best husband on the planet! He goes above and beyond to do for me and make sure that I am always comfortable and happy. He is a calming influence wherever he goes. He is a true peacemaker and strives for harmony in our home, church, and community. He is not a pretentious man but is a very learned and wise man beyond his years. He is the one his older siblings always call for advice and comfort. Our daughters and their husbands look up to him and respect him and come to him often with questions and concerns of life, although they may not always agree, and they are always free to disagree. It has always been this way in our home and always will be with John. He is respected and revered for his opinion and his “take” on many facets of our world and life, but we don’t have to see eye to eye for us to still be loved by him. This is why he is wise and should be chosen as one of our “Three Wise Men.”

   --Cynthia Waters

Tony Pagliarullo: His wisdom and patience goes far beyond his years.  He is gentle and humble in everything he does.  He prioritizes his role as husband and father, but is also a committed minister to his church family and the community. His impact and influence reaches into the lives of the entire community.  He works and serves quietly and without the assumption for applause. His wisdom comes from a heart for God and incredible love and compassion for others.

   --Cyd Pagliarullo

Jeff Flanders is very helpful, understanding, and has been there for me in my time of need during the loss of my sister this year. Mr. Flanders is a friend indeed.

   --Duncan Scott

Pastor, or as I call him, Papa John Hanna, has been a pastor in Bulloch County for over 40 years. He, and his wife Ann Hanna, have devoted their lives to preaching the Gospel and serving Jesus Christ. I first came in contact with them in the summer of 1997. At the time, Mama Ann kept a few children at their home. A coworker recommended he, so I called. She had an opening and accepted my first child. This, unbeknownst to me at the time, began a spiritual growth journey in my life. To make a long story short, I credit the Hannas for my continuing spiritual growth with Christ to this day. These two people really care about the souls of others. I, to this day, continue to have a relationship with them. By nominating Pastor John Hanna. I’m indirectly nominating Mama Ann Hanna as well. The both are one. I love these two people as I do my own family. They are truly two of the wisest people I’ve ever known.

   --Mike Kittrell

Ray Hendley is the wisest man I know. He can be in the middle of a storm and stay calm as a cucumber. He tells me that 99 percent of the things we worry about never happen. He also tells me to never allow anyone to steal your joy or upset you. He encourages without condemning and rules his company, Hendley Properties with servant leadership. He allows his employees to dream and to be creative, thus bringing out the best in everyone. Ray Hendley treats everyone the same and has taught me that you can learn something from everyone. He sees the beautiful in the everyday life and takes the time to slow down and smell the flowers. Jesus is His Lord and Savior and he treats others with respect and love.

   --Ginny Rushing

Clifford Hall (my dad) is the WISEST man I have ever known. Growing up in a life that was tough as a child he made sure that his life as an adult would be different. My dad is one of those people who are very well rounded. We always joked growing up that he was a teacher, doctor, lawyer, preacher because there was never a topic he did not know about and if he didn’t he would quickly find it. I’ve never known someone that could not only do most things but in doing them also master them. But to me above all things the reason he is the wisest man is because he has always put his family first. To me that is what truly makes him the wisest. There was never a night growing up that he wouldn’t kiss our cheeks and tell us that he loved us. So I nominate my dad as the wisest because he has always been a father, protector, teacher, preacher, etc. If I had to choose one person to get advice from on this earth it would hands down be him. He deserves a spot as one of the wisest men.

   --Harleigh Hendrix

Tendai Haggins has a background that makes him a virtual library of life experiences. He was raised poor by a single mom who was in and out of his life.  He has never known his dad.  His mom died when he was 16.  He had a younger sister who he helped raise. He was adopted by his mom’s cousin and finally had a family who was there and treated him as one of his own. He has worked during summers since he was 5, usually in a tobacco field. He lettered in every varsity sport his high school offered and became the first one in his family to attend college.  He became a teacher and coach to help young people who need a hand.  He has been instrumental in helping to raise hundreds of young people who just need a helping hand or in some cases a place to live. He does this without any compensation.  He is the first to offer a helping hand when there is a need in the community.  He does not judge just asked what do you need.  It does not matter the race, socioeconomic situation, or need.  Most of the time it involves cooking or grilling or donations of clothes or money.  I could go on and on about the reason I considering a sounding board and a source of wise suggestions and advice. It is not just me that goes to him.  Community leaders, church members, and especially students and family seek his advice and wise counsel.  I know many that are very thankful he is part of their life and their circle.

   --Jan Haggins

Jeff Klare is who I would like to see selected. Founder of Anti-Bullying Day and First Responders Appreciation Day, Jeff never stops giving back to our community. His regular job takes him all over the world to help veterans, yet he is always on the front lines helping others whether it’s being on the mayor’s COVID Task Force or his role on the board of the Statesboro Police Officers Foundation. Each year at Christmas he collects hundreds of toys for the children of Wounded Warriors. He works tirelessly to make this world a better place.

--Amy Kitching

I would like to nominate my uncle, Kelly Brown, as one of the “Three Wise Men,” because he is a respected business owner in Bulloch County, committed family man, and one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet. Because Kelly has worked hard is whole life to build his businesses and plant his roots in Statesboro, he is a source of advice for so many people. He cares deeply for the community and his family, and he would make a great candidate for one of the “Three Wise Men.”

   --Joy Griffith

Wayne Williams is a man that is wise beyond his years. People would say that he’s been here before. Directly connected to our most high God, this man gives sound advice each and every time. Be it about helping with the youth or straight up grown folk issues, he always has that voice of reason, strength, wisdom, as well as logic.

   --Khristina Smith

Eric Gato is a doctor of education for Georgia Southern University, a father of three boys whom he raises very well, a very devoted husband and an elder at our church where he is also very devoted but when you ask him who he is he simply says “I am a Christian.”

   --Kelly Robinson

They say wisdom comes with age, but with Fred Shaver, the coach, Fred Shaver, the BOE associate superintendent, Fred Shaver, the church leader, Fred Shaver, the neighbor and friend, or in my case, Fred Shaver, my dad.  In Dad’s case, I think he must have been born with wisdom!  Throughout my life I have seen so many people come to him just to talk with him, I’m sure they were seeking wisdom.  Guys he coached in the 70s still love, appreciate, and visit him often.  As I was blessed to be one of his three children, he has always been there for us.  No matter how many stupid things I did while growing up, he was always there for me with his love, and his wisdom.  And at 86 years young, there is still no one I would rather go to, to just sit with him on the porch, in the rockers, while we reminisce or I listen to him on how to solve the world’s problems.  Not only is he one who is loved and admired by so many, but this wise man is loved more than he will ever know, by his daughter.

   --Linda Starling

My dad, Doug Harrell Sr.  He is the most selfless person that I know. He will help anyone at any time, in their time of need or otherwise...and you’ll never know about it. He has an excellent work ethic and has set a great example in every way for my brother and I to be successful, productive adults. He has always shown us what a daddy should be. I’m a better parent and person because of him.

--Lori Kearney

I am blessed to call Freddie Brinson my husband and my “go-to” person for advice in just about every area of my life.  Freddie is one who doesn’t see life through rose-colored glasses but who takes opportunities, set-backs, or whatever life throws at him to learn and grow from these events.  If someone wrongs him, he forgives; if it is a financial set-back, he works to overcome it.  If he is ill or hurt, he does what he needs to do to recover without complaining and tries to get back to work quickly (great work ethic).  Freddie is a wise man because he takes what he has experienced in life in the past and applies it to make things better for himself, as well as his family, friends, and persons he works with and for, in the present and future.  He doesn’t dwell on negativity.  Freddie is a man of faith; he studies the Bible and loves to share scripture and knowledge to those in his Sunday school class and to others who want to listen.  He is missions minded so he wants to help others in our community and to involve others in doing so.  Freddie is wise because he looks for areas that he can learn grow daily, and he is an example to others on how to move past misfortunes.

   --Lucy Brinson

My boss and dad, Bubba Hunt is the hardest working person that I know. He’s an extremely successful entrepreneur and family oriented man. He is my “go-to” for advice because of his knowledge of the business world and his way of connecting with any person he talks to. He has instilled in my brother and I that success comes with hard work ethic and setting goals. My dad is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever spoken to. He gives the best advice on anything from football, to barbecue, to business. I am nominating my dad as one of the “Three Wise Men” because he is definitely the best go-to for guidance in any situation.

   --Madelyn Hunt

The best dad in the world, Alan Mallard. Helps with with everything and stays strong through the hard times.

   --Mason Mallard

Great mentor, father and business man: Jon Paul Dasher.

   --Mariann Rogers

I would definitely nominate my dad, Charles Westenberg, as one of the wisest men I know. He has always given me advice when I asked and it is always honest and may not be something I want to hear. I am not the only one he is able to advise. He is an active volunteer within the addiction community. He helps with men and women that are recovering from addiction by helping with family groups. He is well respected among the Willingway family. I value his advice as well as many others. He has a wide array of knowledge from everyday life to financial and more. He is well loved by me and many others. He is definitely my choice!

   --Kathy McCombs

At 80, Uncle Jerry Robbins is the surviving youngest of six siblings. He and his wife Aunt Maxine voluntarily check on, pray for and provide guidance when asked, for not only their own children, but also for their scattered 19 nieces and nephews.

   --Shari Barr

Other nominees were: J. Michael Hall, Jonathan McCollar, Phil Boyum and John Riggs.