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The verdict is in — Cindy Lou’s is doggone good
Readers Choice Winner: Best Place to Take Your Pet to be Groomed
cindy mooney
Cindy Mooney, owner of Cindy Lou’s Dos Grooming & Boarding, spends a little quality time with one of her grooming clients. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

When employees love their job, it is easy to understand why the businesses they work for would win Readers Choice awards. Employees who love their jobs make their customers and clients feel warm and welcomed, and well taken care of. 

And when your client isn’t able to talk or tell you how they truly feel about their experience, and someone else foots the bill, it’s not always easy to figure out how satisfied your customers are. But at Cindy Lou’s Dos Grooming & Boarding, the pets and the owners must be content with their services, because this isn’t the first time that Cindy Lou’s has been named a fan favorite. In the 2023 Discovering Bulloch Readers Choice Awards, they were named the Best Place to Take Your Pet to be Groomed, and in the 2022 Statesboro Herald’s Best of the Boro they were named Best Pet Groomer. 

Owned by Cindy Mooney, 34, Cindy Lou’s Dos has been in business since 2019. Mooney has been grooming for 14 years, so she groomed her fair share of animals. Inspired by her love and passion for animals and the fact that her husband is from Statesboro, Mooney decided to go into business in the Boro. Together, she and her husband Robert have two children: a daughter, 6, and a son, 14 months. 

Mooney finds her job rewarding, but there are always special instances that stick out to her as a business owner.

“I have had several pets that had a bad grooming experience at other groomers but with patience, kindness and love,” Mooney said, “I was able to teach them it’s OK to be groomed and they look forward to future grooms.”

The team at Cindy Lou’s is who won this award, according to Mooney — not just her. 

“Working here is unlike any other job I’ve ever had,” said Michael Thornton. “My co-workers are my second family. The dogs bring a huge light into my life. I love working here every day.”

Mooney said their team works well together, starting every day with a devotional and prayer. Thornton’s co-workers all sang the praises of the business and the family atmosphere that Mooney has cultivated. They all see Mooney as not just a boss, but as friend. 

“This is award is special to our entire team at Cindy Lou’s Dos because it means our customers voted for us and they think we are doing a great job,” said Mooney.

Mooney said that treating the pets and their owners with love and respect is the reason they won this, and other awards. 

“I love being able to help the animals and families that come in,” said Brenda Mancerra. “It is a joy to see people happy when they come pick up their pets.” 

While the pet owners can express their satisfaction with votes, reviews and words, Cindy Lou’s furry customers struggle with expressing their true feelings. However, they do show the staff at Cindy Lou’s how they feel. 

“Owners will say, ‘You want to go see Cindy Lou?’ and the pets get so excited,” said Mooney.  “And we get to see how excited the pets are when they arrive at Cindy Lou’s Dos.” 

With such a dedicated customer-base and employees that love their jobs as much as Mooney does, it’s safe to say that Cindy Lou’s Dos won’t be “going to the dogs.”