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Tap into your crafty side with Board & Brush Creative Studio
Board & Brush
Rey Rodriguez, left, concentrates while Melanie Lewis, right, is thrilled as Johnna Eaton helps her reveal the details in her woodworking project.

Are you looking for some Saturday night fun, but you’re tired of the same old “dinner and movie” ritual?  Maybe all you need is a new creative outlet to brighten those weekend blues.

Whether it’s girl time or date night, Board & Brush Creative Studio has a special DIY design for every event.  With simple step by step instructions, people of all ages can join in on the fun and create a personalized wooden sign to match any occasion. 


Board & Brush in Statesboro began when locals Johnna and Justin Eaton were looking for date night ideas of their own.  After attending a workshop at Board & Brush in Johns Creek, the couple knew that Statesboro needed a similar space for people to make both fun artwork, and lasting memories.  Johnna, Justin, and their three children have since created that space.  Located on the Blue Mile, 20 South Main Street is the new home of this unique studio.


Upon walking into Board & Brush, one might be greeted by the wagging tail of a special host, Buddy, who is the Eaton family’s dog.  A blend of wood chips and saw dust fills the air, and there are splashes of color in every corner.  From top to bottom, the studio is adorned with more than 75 handmade designs.  The staff crafted each of them to serve as examples for participants.  As if the atmosphere could get any better, they offer wine and beer throughout the night to keep the creative juices flowing.


To start, the instructor encourages everyone to distress their wood pieces, although this feels more like a “de-stress” exercise than anything else.  Every DIY expert knows that you have to hammer down and sand away the rough parts of the wood — and the week — in order to get a smooth finish.  After that, participants learn how to stain and paint their designs.  This process is broken down into sections, with plenty of time for questions in between.  Altogether, the workshop usually lasts around three hours.   When it is over, you get to take your finished product home, along with a huge sense of accomplishment.


Though Board & Brush of Statesboro was established in March, it has already received a great response from the community.  Reviews on social media rate the studio with five out of five stars.  Here’s what some people are saying about it:


“All the fun and creativity, without the tedious prep work or clean up.”

--Julie Dickson Duggar


“The instructors are super sweet and walk you through the project step by step.  I was so happy with the final product!”

--Meg Reed


“So fun! Johnna and her staff will help you create a beautiful project from start to finish.  Definitely give this a try!”

--JoBeth Walker Johnson


To find out more about workshop dates and times, visit their website at, or follow their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.