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2019 Statesboro Voice competition: Advice for this year’s finalists
W Miranda Winter_local performance.jpg
Miranda Winter, the 2018 Statesboro Voice winner, is shown performing in the Boro.

Spring is in the air, but the flowers aren’t the only things blooming around town. Some of the area’s finest talents are revealing their skills in the 2019 Statesboro Voice Competition. This is the second year that the Averitt Center for the Arts has produced the event. It has become one of the local platforms for aspiring singers to share their gifts with the community.

During the semifinal rounds on March 8th, judges Melissa Coleman, Brandi Harvey, Chris Mitchell and Robin Holmes, narrowed the stiff competition down to 8 finalists. These contestants will go on to perform in the Statesboro Voice grand finale on April 27th for a chance to earn the 2019 title, and to win $1,500 in cash prizes. 

In a community that is richly blessed with such raw talent, what will it take to become the next Statesboro Voice?

Miranda Winter, winner of the 2018 Statesboro Voice Competition, spoke with Discovering Bulloch about her journey as a musician, and how it led her to claiming last year’s victory.

“I remember singing all my life. My first solo was in kindergarten for a church musical. The choir director had to continuously get onto me about not taking the microphone out of the stand. I wanted to parade around the stage but that was not what this performance was about,” she said.

From that moment on, Winter’s stage presence sent an alluring message to her audiences. Aside from the strength in her voice, her unique twist to songs like “Edge of Glory,” by Lady Gaga, is her secret weapon when she takes the stage.

It is no doubt that the confidence she embodies on stage brings out the “wow-factor” for people in the room. Her ownership of the performance prompted music coach, Chris Mitchell, to take notice during last year’s com- petition. Their mutual appreciation for the importance of style sparked a collaborative mentorship between the pair.

“Miranda is a really good singer. The thing that jumped out to me about her voice was that she really worked the stage. I knew she had the twang and the volume to do what she needed to do to be an impressive vocalist. She went up there, grabbed the mic, and controlled the room for the entire performance,” Mitchell said.

As it turned out, this well-balanced rhythm of style and buoyancy was Winter’s winning ticket. Her advice to this year’s contestants is simple: spend less time worrying and more time owning your performance.

“It’s funny because the whole time during the competition, I was worried. But if there is one thing I could go back and tell myself, it would be not to worry about it so much. The one thing in life that I know I’m good at is singing. It has taken me a while to really believe in myself. I was 30 years old when I won the competition and I had to go up against a lot of young, raw talent. I learned that a lot of people can sing, but just because the person next to you is an acrobat with their voice doesn’t mean they are better than you. It just means that they are better at a genre than you are. Everyone sings in their own style, and it is important to be confident in that

gift,” she explained.

Mitchell’s suggestion for this year’s contestants is played on the same note as Winter’s: offer a unique flavor in the songs that you choose. “Get a piece that compliments your voice and bring your absolute 100% A game. You only get one chance to make an impression. You have to make every second of that count,” Mitchell said.

The Statesboro Voice Competition has shined a spotlight on some amazing local talent. But what sets the great apart from the good in this race is a touch of style and a dash of confidence. After all, you can’t unlock your true potential until you own it.

For more information on the 2019  Statesboro  Voice  Competition and its contestants, visit, or give them a call at 912.212.2787.