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Vandy’s and Vino round out Eagles’ Flight
The Music Scene
vandys and vino

Oh, this is getting so good. Have you heard the latest news? The Eagles Flight now has a great starting place. 

Everyone was disappointed with the closing of Vandy’s in the mall, but there is some great news for barbecue, music, and beer and wine lovers in the area! 

The biggest news for this article’s sake is that the Eagles’ Flight now has a fantastic place to start. If you haven’t seen it, Vandy’s has added a cool new porch where they have started featuring live music on Friday afternoons. From 5 until 8 p.m., you can now grab a brew and starters while you play cornhole and listen to some of the best local musicians Statesboro has to offer. 

While we won’t be able to enjoy the full barbecue menu, they do have deliciousness for us to snack on while we jam. With barbecue sliders, nachos and boiled peanuts they understand how to truly get your Southern Friday started. The addition of a beer license is the perfect compliment. (But don’t forget the live music!)

So far, we’ve seen Dylan Bragg and Dan Larkin just to name a few. The crowd seems to be just about the right size to have fun without feeling squashed in like sardines. These days, that’s definitely a bonus, as well. The breezy covered deck means rain or shine, you can have a good time. 

That’s not all of the excitement on the west side of Main Street, either. Michael Blackmon, who is managing Vandy’s, is also involved in another exciting project on that side of town. Vino 1910 is a new wine bar opening just down from Bull & Barrel. Set to open in late October or early November, the bar will serve delicious wines, cheese boards, and snacks. 

There’s no word yet on whether they will be offering live music as well, but I’m just looking forward to having even greater variety for excellent dining. It feels as if downtown Statesboro is gaining momentum again and headed in the right direction with what seems like new shops and restaurants opening every week. It’s an exciting time to be there, and it gives me great hope for the future. 

As we continue to get all of these excellent venues, we have one job, folks: Get out there and support them! Without us attending, buying food and drink, and supporting the musicians, they won’t be able to sustain it and we’ll lose them. I don’t know about you, but that would be tragic, in my opinion. 

So, the next time you’re bored on a Friday night, why not take the Eagles’ Flight? Start at Vandy’s for some snacks and beer and make your way all the way down making the most of all that downtown Statesboro has to offer.