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The Rose of Bulloch County
The Music Scene
Chyann Rose

If you’ve been around the music scene in Bulloch County for very long, chances are, you’ve heard of Chyann Rose. As a matter of fact, she’s been performing for the last six years around the Southeast. For a sophomore in college, that’s saying something. Even in the midst of her junior and senior years at Southeast Bulloch High School, she was busy building a following and performing at venues across the region. I had the chance to mentor her for the Statesboro Voice competition, and I was incredibly impressed by what was already shaping up to be a strong music career.


The folks at Georgia Public Broadcasting were impressed, too. They recently reached out to Chyann about being featured in a documentary of Georgia Country Music artists. That piece is being produced to promote the upcoming Ken Burns Music Documentary. The filming took place on July 9 at Eagle Creek Brewery, and Chyann’s fans packed the show in support. Chyann took a few moments for an interview to fill us in on how that came about, what she’s up to now, and where she sees music taking her. 


BH: GPB presented you with a really exciting opportunity recently. How did that come about? 


CR: Amazingly enough, it came totally out of the blue. They contacted me through my website, and from what they said, they had researched artists from all over the state. They came across some of my videos and said it was what they were looking for – country with a southern rock influence. My style was different, especially for such a young singer, and they liked that I played older country despite my age. They listened to my original music online and took note of all the places I played and experiences and opportunities I’ve had over the past five or six years.


BH: What started you on the path to performing?


CR: I started like most other people do, singing in church. Soon, I started performing at local festivals in Bulloch County. When I was around 9, I started taking voice and guitar lessons so that I could accompany myself when I played at these festivals. Then, I started going to open mics around Statesboro, especially Jam Nights at Locos. I got my first paid gig at Locos when I was 13 years old, and I’ve been playing more and more around the southeast ever since.

BH: For those who haven’t heard your music, tell us a little about some of your influences.


CR: I would describe my music as a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll, but I do all different types of music ranging from classic rock to modern pop to southern rock to the blues. Some of my musical influences include the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, Reba McEntire and the Eagles.


BH: You recently started school at UGA. Athens is well known for its contributions to music. How is that environment feeding your musical style? 


CR: I’ve had the opportunity to attend several open mics in the area and meet more musicians like myself. Stepping into a new environment, it’s hard to get your foot in the door, so I focused more on learning some new songs and writing a little bit.


BH: Are you playing in Athens regularly?


CR: It took a couple months to break into the scene, but now I regularly play at a local brewery, Akademia, and some restaurants downtown. I also travel back to play in and around Statesboro.


BH: What does the future hold for Chyann Rose?


CR: First, I’m going to get my education. In the fall, I’ll start my sophomore year at the University of Georgia, pursuing a degree in Pharmacy. I always want to be able to have a job I can fall back on, and having an education is very important to me. However, I always want music to be a part of my life; it actually influenced what I wanted to major in. If by some miracle I’m able to tour the U.S. and play sold out arena shows, that’s the ultimate dream, but if I don’t, I’ll still be playing music on the side. I will never stop playing music.


Whether she’s on the stage here locally or we’re watching her in stadiums full of fans there to see her, I know all of her family, friends and fans are glad to hear that we will continue to have the opportunity to hear her for years to come.