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Musicians channel difficult times into new music
The Music Scene
Clayton Hackle

As musicians, challenges and hardship often brings out the best of our art. We have the ability to channel those challenges into emotion into new creations. Over the last few months, the world has thrown us into a prime setting for songwriters. 

It isn’t any wonder that as we’ve been restricted in performing, bands and solo artists have been working hard on creating new material. The tumultuous spring and summer of 2020 have set us up for an autumn of new music. A few of our local favorites have already been in the studio, and we can get ready for some exciting new tunes from them. 

Metter native Clayton Hackle is looking to release his new single, “Georgia Calls Me Home.” Set for release on Oct.  2, the song is a collaboration with Georgia Southern alum Kyle Thomas. Thanks to FaceTime, the two were able to co-create the song despite distance and the lockdown. 

Closer to home, the members of Eclectic Muse have been working on their own piece. “Madness in Madrid” will be a Spanish-style acoustic piece fans of the band can look forward to the release later in the fall. The band members, Stephen Jones, Nathan Smith and Scott Welker (a.k.a. Scottie Tuhotti), have been able to stay safe while collaborating face to face to compose the piece.

If there’s some positive to be seen from the turmoil of the past few months, one we will soon be able to appreciate is the fruit of the labor of songwriters here locally and around the world. 

As we look toward a new year, whether you are enjoying a break from the normal rush or craving life the way we used to know it, I hope you will take time to check out what your favorite artists are up to.

The next few years will be full of new music. Go search for it. Share it. Support your local artists, especially, until we can get back on the stage and be with you face to face.